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July 13th, 2017

Ausangate nevada trek, Peru

An amazing job by the entire Quechua Treks team. From all of James's work picking the trek. Then preparing for it, to Mayra's work leading us on the trip it was simply amazing. I plan to use Quechua for any future trips to South America. I consider them a tremendous resource to have access to and will suggest that any of my friends looking do something in South America contact them.

As mentioned earlier James's responsiveness was tremendous. He seemed to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No question went unanswered for long

Mark Fischl

Trip with daughter, trekking for 4 days 

Just finished four days of trekking through the Andes, culminating with a visit to Machu Picchu, all lead by the expert hands of Quechua Treks. 
Our guide Zac was beyond amazing- extremely passionate, knowledgeable, personable and funny- I could go on and on. He and the rest of the team worked together seamlessly to make the trip come together, with extra details that delighted. In the end, we were sad to say goodbye to everyone who now seemed like family. 
Everything was truly perfect!!! Couldn't imagine a better trip - Thank you Quechua Treks!!!

Barbara Mc Grath

May 15th, 2017
  • TripAdvisor - Grey Circle

T​he Best of Perú

We loved everything about the trip that Quechua Treks put together for us. The guides, the food, the lodging, the trekking, the rafting, the fishing, the was magical and amazing. I highly recommend this outfit to anyone looking to come to Peru and be dazzled.​

Jennifer Tissot

April 26th, 2017
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April 21th, 2017

Perfect Trip to Perú

Mayra and the team at Quechua Treks Peru were great to work with to craft the perfect itinerary. They made everything easy and stress-free. They connected us with some awesome guides for ancient sites and adventure touring. The airport pickup was a great touch that allowed us to ask a few key questions before our trip got started. Mayra provided some great restaurant advice. When plans needed to change due to a festival in Pitumarca, they set us up with an incredible experience at Queque Norte. We had the perfect time in Peru thanks to Quechua Treks Peru.

Eric Shaw

April 10th, 2016

"I wanted to thank you both so much for such an amazing time. The entire trip so exceeded my expectations.  The service was top notch. All of the small touches were perfect. I think I'd mentioned in some initial feedback that we did miss our champagne. Other than that, I don't anything could have made it more perfect.  Marcial really is a perfect guide. We were so lucky to have had him on our trek. His knowledge of the history, people and culture really added to our experience.  He was great at preparing us as well as continually encouraging us along the way. Mayra too was awesome - running a tight ship. So personable and knowledgeable.  They both really added a tremendous amount to our entire trip. Another standout.. Claudio... what a gem.. He's so smart with such initiative. With his smile and vest on, he was always attentive and happy to work with us. I'm not sure when and how it was planned, but I was surprised with a birthday celebration.  It was so touching and definitely a highlight of the experience. Who knew that a birthday cake cooked in a pan over a flame could taste so good (throughout the trip the food was really amazing). The birthday party really took it over the top, so I thank whoever planned that part. Again, everything exceeded my expectations.  While it was the hardest thing physically that I've ever done in my life, it will forever be one of the most memorable moments. Truly an amazing birthday.

Thank you!"



"Our family travelled to Peru to visit Cuzco and Machu Picchu, our adventure turned out to be a most memorable one.  We were interested in a challenging trek, but also concerned that our daughters, age 10 and 14, would be comfortable. After three wonderful days acclimating in Cuzco, that included a morning of briefings by a crew from the company Quechua Treks, we were fetched from our hotel by Mayra Callo, our guide, and set off to to start our trek into the sacred valley of the Incas. Our family had decided to hike the “Lares Trail”, a 3 night, four day hike, because it was challenging, not crowded, and promises beautiful views and personal interactions in remote villages. Mayra planned a wonderful trek, she was a well informed guide and ensured that all our concern for a manageable day’s hike, comfortable dining and sleeping arrangements as well as interesting conversation where all beyond our expectations. Our particular concerns, which included avoiding taking bulky equipment from our home in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to ensuring that our younger daughter would be able to manage the hike where perfectly addressed. In fact our 10 year old managed not only one but two 15,000 feet passes. Quechua treks and its crew met perfectly all our expectations and we can highly recommend them and their service."


Moises Kaplan

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